Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dainty Vintage Beaded Purse

Hi everyone,

I found this beautiful and delicate vintage purse embroidered with sequins and beads in an antique shop. It is handmade and the person who made it was very talented. The fabric is satin. I couldn't resist buying it.
I leave you with those pretty pics, enjoy!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

September News

Hello everyone,
I haven’t been very active on the blog sphere recently so here‘s a quick update of what’s been happening:
I went home early July and I could celebrate my mum’s birthday, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do for years. The weather was great and I spent quality time with my sister as well.
I visited the new exhibition at the CNCS (National Centre of Costumes) . This season was the costumes designed by Christian Lacroix for La Source ballet. The collection was of course magnificent, I leave you with pictures and explanations in English:
I visited the Mantin House in my home town of Moulins. This huge house was closed for 100 years at the owner’s request. He didn’t have children so he gave his house to the town, which is a fantastic heritage present! Even the BBC, the National Geographic and the Daily Mail have talked about it in 2011!
For me this house represented mystery as it’s always been closed through my whole childhood. I never actually realised I would get the opportunity to actually see inside. It was a great pleasure and I will visit it again in the future.
We watched the Olympic Games every night and even though I am not the sporty type, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s such a positive event where people give their best of themselves constantly. It was beautiful to watch all those winners on the podium.
My sister came to visit early August so we went to Brighton and spent a day in London during the games. It was very busy of course but we always felt safe wherever we went.  My boyfriend cooked them an English breakfast and they absolutely loved it!
I will be back soon with more updates.