Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bracelet and matching earrings

Hello all,
I wanted to try something different than handbags. I did this bracelet (1st photo) about 3 years ago and I wanted to use this gorgeous black lace again.
2 weeks ago I went to London and bought lots of fabric, this pink silk called “sugar pink” was begging me to use it. So I did this bracelet. I sewed glass beads on top and it closes with a black button and a hook.
I love making jewellery with fabric but it is quite complicated as it’s all tiny and delicate: that didn’t stop me and I did this matching pair of earrings: I am quite happy with the result!
I won’t be stopping there: I am going to make a brooch and probably a necklace…I have to think of those 2…
By the way, I looked at the definition of cuff and bracelet in the dictionary and that’s what it says:
Cuff: end of a sleeve.
Bracelet: ornamental chain or band for the wrist.
I’m not really sure which one to employ…that’s all the subtlety of the English language.
If you know please share it with me,

Final note: today is the 14th of July so it’s the national day in France. It’s bank holiday of course and tonight people will celebrate with fireworks and music (and sometimes shows and displays): lucky them!


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