Thursday, 30 September 2010

Happy Holidays

Hello all,

We had a fantastic time to Cornwall! The weather was great, much better than I expected. It rained only at night and we had only one grey day. We stayed in a flat in Mevagissey overlooking the harbour, it was so peaceful... The food was great, we had Cornish pasties of course, fish and chips but the best for me was ice cream!

Tomorrow is my first day back after a 6 month sabbatical leave, it's going to be a bit weird but habits will all come back very quickly. It's going to be tough not to sew/design all day, I was used to it!
I will come back with pictures from Cornwall very soon!



  1. glad you had a fab time away ;0) can't wait for the snaps! ahh..i had fish & chips in mevagissey last year, a friend told us about the place so we just had to visit there :0)
    hope everything goes well, best wishes xx

  2. Thank you Hannah!It was great and Mevagissey is very cute! By the way, I love your Xmas cards! I keep an eye on your blog :) x